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Are you Game?

Pinot Grigio
Are you Game? 2019 Pinot Grigio

Winemaking is a game of quick wit, experience and endurance. Each year Mother Nature challenges us to a match and each year we respond; moving deftly with the lightest touch.

As seasoned contenders, we know how to play the game. The resulting blend is captivating; light on it’s feet yet full of character and perfect with food. Are you Game?

This Pinot Grigio, with a dash of Chardonnay, is bursting with citrus fruit and tropical characteristics.

Drink Now - 2023


(Label artwork depicts a Pheasant)


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Wine Making

The 2019 Pinot Grigio carries on withe the practice of an early and a later harvest of the block to build a spectrum of flavours in the wine and maintain natural acidity. Acidity falls away early in this variety but the more appealing flavours come later. By picking twice we can capture the best of both worlds.
Damper and Yabbies
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Food Matching

Perfect with fresh or salt water morsels!
Tasting Notes

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