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Are you Game?

Are you Game? NV Sparkling

Winemaking is a game of quick wit, experience and endurance. Each year Mother Nature challenges us to a match and each year we respond; moving deftly with the lightest touch. 

As seasoned contenders, we know how to play the game. The resulting blend is captivating; light on it’s feet yet full of character and perfect with food. Are you game? 

Our Are you Game? Sparkling is made from Vermentino grapes. Vermentino is an aromatic grape variety native to Sardinia. With its late ripening, the variety is usually planted in warmer climates and is thriving in the Riverland in Australia. We chose to plant the variety at our Upton Run vineyards to hedge against the threat of climate change, as it is used to the warmer ripening conditions. As the Strathbogie Ranges still remain cool, we are seeing when picked early, the lean green style of this fruit is ideally suited to creating a crisp sparkling wine base.

This wine is pale gold in colour, with light and fresh with apple flavours and mineral characters. A refreshingly crisp and dry sparkling with layers of fine and lively bubbles. On the nose are aromas of citrus blossom, fresh lime and pink lady apples.

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(Label artwork depicts a Guinea Fowl)


Our warehouse will be closed from the 19th December 2020 until the 3rd of January 2021. Orders during this time will not be dispatched until after the 4th of January.

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Wine Making

We started experimenting with Vermentino in our Are You Game? Sparkling a few years ago. We noticed more and more how the fresh lively acidity, pear, apple and citrus fruit characters, helped create the perfect refreshing prosecco style sparkling wine.
Damper and Yabbies
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Food Matching

Served perfectly with fresh yabby, brushed with garlic and parsley butter, seared on the barbeque on damper - a truly Aussie take on the famous San Francisco lobster roll.

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