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The Exception Magnum

Pinot Noir (Sparkling)
The Exception 2012 Sparkling Pinot Noir Magnum

A pale pink with peachy bronze hues. This wine shows aromas of strawberry cream, some stone fruits and a hint of yeasty brioche complexity. On the palate are notes of strawberry, stone fruits and some citrus. The mouth feel is creamy and long lasting with a fine moussey bead.

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Wine Making

This wine aged for five years on lees which built a rich complexity and released a wealth of savoury flavours. A creaminess is also brought to the texture of the wine due to the malolactic fermentation performed on the dry base wine prior to the tirage. Our dosage was a blend of the wine itself, an addition of some sugar to balance acidity, and tiny addition of 1.5mls of XO Cognac to each bottle. The addition of Cognac is a practice only done by the most rare and expensive Champagne producers. This tiny addition provides a surprising extra layer of complexity to this wine. A truly exceptional wine!
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No food required. A wine to celebrate with!
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