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Farm to Table Pinot Noir - For Christmas Ham

Farm to Table Pinot Noir - For Christmas Ham

Christmas ham is one of life's greatest things; studded with cloves and glazed with honey - carving the meat off the bone and seeing everyone's face light up as it's heaped onto their plate is a joyous moment.

Enjoying a meal is as much about enjoying the whole experience that surrounds it, which is why pairing food with the right wine is critical. As a family of farmers who raise our own pigs and make wine, we have crafted a Pinot Noir to perfectly compliment the rich and juicy flavours of farm raised Christmas ham.

Vibrant cherry with rich aromas of strawberry, cherry and spicy oak. Light in style, the fresh flavours are crafted to compliment, rather than overwhelm, the rich and smokey flavours of the ham. 

RRP $204 per 12 bottle case

12 Days of Christmas Special $160 (inclusive of FoFW discount)