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Real Food & Recipes

Our Real Food Philosophy.

Fowles Wine are advocates of sustainable food and forging greater connections with the people and places behind our dishes. We call it real food.

We are the world's first winery to blend wine to specifically complement the intensity of wild game with Ladies who Shoot their Lunch and Are you Game? We also grow our own free-range lamb at our farm in Longwood and have produced a range of wine called Farm to Table that are crafted to match the more 'open' fibre and 'softer' texture of farm raised meat.

All of our Food Wines are inspired by Matt Fowles' love of real food - wild or home-grown meat and vegetables from the Strathbogie Ranges. For us real food is about celebrating provenance and flavour by getting closer to the source of food and wine and building an understanding of how to hunt, grow and blend it to create harmonious taste experiences. This ethos also guides the menus at our Cellar Door Café and events. So if we can't catch or grow it ourselves then we'll source ingredients from our regional food producing friend's gardens and paddocks.

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