Euroa Arboretum Partnership

Euroa Arboretum Partnership

Fowles is committed to leaving the land in better place that when we started. To that end, we’re delighted to have partnered with the Euroa Arboretum, working to establish insectariums that double as seed orchards across our vineyards and farmland.

The insectariums are planted to attract diverse insect life as predator insects (which eat pests in the vineyard) and pollinator insects (that help increase yields). Adding diversity of native plants in and around the vines, ensures a natural synchronised balance.

Diverse, local flowering shrubs and trees attract pollinating insects, provide shelter and nesting space for birds, and allow for stepping stones for wildlife movement.  Woodland birds and bats consume vast numbers of insects but are vulnerable in the open – not venturing much more than 40 metres without cover.  Understanding the habitat needs of our wildlife helps to create a balanced farming system.

These same plants that attract the insects can also be harvested for seed.  The plants we have chosen are useful for conservation and are native to the Strathbogie Ranges

The seed is periodically harvested by the Euroa Arboretum and stored; to be used for habitat restoration after fires and other climatic events that lead to habitat destruction. There is a dire shortage of seed in Victoria for the revegetation of fire-prone regions. Climate change, habitat destruction and catastrophic wildfires are devastating our landscapes and our wild seed populations.  A native seed bank and large-scale seed orchards are a vital safeguard to restore degraded landscapes and build resilience against future natural disasters.

At Fowles we are proud to be doing our bit to future-proof our natural environment, enabling the Euroa Arboretum to collect, produce, and store indigenous seed so it is available for future habitat restoration.

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