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Sam Atherton is the head winemaker at Fowles and is a passionate advocate for working with nature to produce wines that are both unique and memorable.

Sam knew from a very young age that he was destined to work outside, surrounded by nature. His early hunch proved to be spot on. Sam’s winemaking journey began at Domaine Chandon Australia in 2010, where he immersed himself in the world of wine, playing an important role in the production of some remarkable wines. During this time Sam also had the privilege of working a harvest at Domaine Chandon California and Newton Vineyards.

In 2015, Sam joined Greenstone Vineyards, where he continued to hone his craft, making wines in a range of styles using a variety of techniques. During his winemaking tenure there, Greenstone collected three trophies at the prestigious 2018 Yarra Valley Wine Show.  

This period solidified Sam’s reputation as an exceptionally talented winemaker with a very bright future.

Sam joined the Fowles team in late 2020, eager to further pursue his love of cool-climate wines. The challenge of seeking to get the very best out of the climate, the soils, and the vineyard is a task that Sam relishes every day. Sam proudly produces wines that are beautifully aromatic, both elegant and powerful at the same time.

When Sam is not practising his craft in the vineyard, you’ll most likely find him spending time with his young family.

Our winery is a 15-minute drive from the Hume Freeway on Upton Road in the Strathbogie Ranges. Sitting next to our family vineyards and perched on top of a hill overlooking the central Victoria plains, it is here that we cultivate curiosity. Chief Winemaker Sam Atherton applies ancient wisdom to modern winemaking, with a full suite of winemaking tools and gadgetry, including a barrel hall with over 1000 barrels including some that are 140 years old.

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