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New Release: Are you Game?

Our Are you Game? wines have been carefully blended to work with food and, in particular, wild game meat.  The Are you Game? wines are a fun range of wines to make, as we tend to blend a lot of different varieties together to make the final wines.  Often times in Australia we have a culture of making wines that are a single variety (for example, only Shiraz) which is sort of like painting an artwork with only one colour.  In the Are you Game? range, however, we are happy to blend different varieties into the wines, which is more like painting with a palette full of different colours!

Are you Game? 2023 Pinot Grigio

Our 2023 Are you Game? Pinot Grigio is a delicious wine with food.  Bright in the glass, we blend the Pinot Grigio together with a dash of Riesling to create a very aromatic wine full of fresh citrus, apples and pears with some spicey notes.  The palate is medium weight and has a lovely, lively finish that works very well with food.

During Autumn we are serving two dishes at Fowles Wine that work incredibly well with our Are you Game? Pinot Grigio.

The first is the most delicious Grilled Octopus and Mediterranean salad.  This dish screams freshness with cucumber, olive, red onion and a light pesto sauce which is a lovely match to the Grilled Octopus and wine.

The second dish is the Stingray wing panko crumbed and fried with the most unbelievable and punchy nahm jim dressing.  Have you ever had sting ray before?  Now is your chance!  And don’t forget to match it to the Are you Game? Pinot Grigio.

Are you Game? 2021 Cabernet

Our 2021 Are you Game? Cabernet Sauvignon is a fine wine made for fine food.  Blended with a dash of Merlot, this wine is a deep dark red colour.  With juicy blackcurrant, mixed herbs and sweet oak, this wine is medium bodied with lovely ‘dusty’ tannins that provide great structure and a tight finish that works so well with the food.

Why not visit us at the Fowles Wine restaurant in Autumn for a hearty steak matched to the Are you Game? 2021 Cabernet Sauvignon, of course.

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