Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio

Our cool-climate vineyards, dotted with massive ancient granite boulders, thrive at elevations ranging from 430 to 550 meters above sea level. It is in this unique environment that the style and character of our wines are crafted. Our white wines exhibit exceptional fruit intensity, minerality, and a light, fresh profile. Meanwhile, our red wines are highly aromatic, possess intense coloration, and offer both power and restraint, resulting in an elegant composition.

Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch

Ladies who Shoot their Lunch is a collection of premium Australian wines inspired by the high-altitude environment of Fowles. These wines have been meticulously crafted to complement the textures and flavours of wild food. They are vibrant in colour, intensely aromatic, and possess a fine texture, with pristine fruit flavours. These wines provide a glimpse into the wild for those who are curious, instinctive, perceptive, and discerning.

Are You Game

Winemaking is a contest of quick wit, experience, and endurance. Every year, Mother Nature challenges us to a match, and every year we respond, moving deftly with the lightest touch. As seasoned contenders, we understand how to play the game. The resulting blend is captivating—graceful yet full of character and a perfect complement to food.

Upton Run

For generations, our family has farmed across Australia; it’s in our blood. We now reside in the granite-strewn Strathbogie Ranges, where we collaborate with the seasons, vines, and soil to reveal the essence of our Upton Run Vineyard. This wine possesses purity and complexity, coupled with a rugged elegance befitting the region. With meticulous cellaring, it can be savoured for decades

Stone Dwellers

The Stone Dwellers Single Vineyard Collection comprises wines cultivated in our family vineyards within the Strathbogie Ranges. With cloudless days and cool nights, combined with the ancient granite terroir, our grapes slowly develop intense aromas and award-winning flavours for which our region is renowned.

Farm to Table

As dedicated grape and sheep farmers, we hold a profound respect for provenance, husbandry, and craftsmanship in food and wine. These wines, straight from the farm, embody our strong connection to the land and our enjoyment of it through quality food and wine. Farm to Table wines are bright, generous, and meticulously blended to complement the tender texture of farm-raised meat.

Ginger Prince

A fiery, fearless leader with magnificent flowing beard, known for winning the battle of life -one pink fizzy drink at a time. Battle hardened and always ready for action, this red headed renegade knows the harder the season, the sweeter the fruit. From the cool granite highlands of the Strathbogie Ranges, he waits patiently for his prize…

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