Weekends with Matt book

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Matt Fowles and his good friend, Peter Coleman (a remarkable gentleman with a PhD in philosophy), have written a book, ‘Weekends with Matt’,  a warm and enjoyable memoir of an unlikely friendship forged over wine.

It started at the bottle shop where, somewhere between the chardonnay and the zinfandel, Peter realised he knew nothing when it came to wine so he phoned his old travel buddy Matt, who expertly steered him to the perfect bottle for a dinner party that night. With his curiosity piqued, Peter decided to visit Matt’s vineyard for an introduction to the noble grape. One visit led to another, and the odd pairing of a Proust-quoting intellectual and a farmer with a love of hunting saw Peter and Matt bond over life, ideas, aspirations, nature, philosophy – and, of course, a glass or three of wine. This handsome illustrated hardback is not your typical wine book, but is as much a guide to life as it is the mysteries of wine.